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SNIFF Aroma Patch.

The scent solution for our healthcare heros.

SNIFF  Aroma  Patch

Hey Healthcare Hero!


Are you tired of battling foul odors during your long shifts in healthcare settings? We understand the struggle of dealing with unpleasant smells while providing top-notch care to your patients. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: SNIFF Aroma Patch! Just peel and stick inside of your mask for instant relief.

SNIFF was created by a healthcare hero who was tired of foul odors impeding their work environment just like you! Rest assured SNIFFs got you covered because it takes one to know one!


On The Job

Imagine you're on a mission to save the day in your healthcare kingdom, but suddenly, a foul odor strikes, leaving you gasping for fresh air during your daily rounds and nursing duties. From battling funky foot odors in the ER to navigating unexpected smells in patient rooms, foul odors can derail even the most heroic healthcare worker's day. It's hard to focus on saving lives when you're holding your breath! Let's banish those odorous foes and reclaim our sense of smell, one fresh-scented victory at a time.

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